Blog: Einträge 20.02–28.09.2013

vsmlist 0.1.2

I just uploaded the new version of vsmlist, the very simple mailing list. It's just a bugfix release fixing an error that occured when an email was processed that had a Message-ID containing a /.

The old version can simply be replaced by the new one, nothing else has been changed.

Update für den kons-BibTeX-Style

Kürzlich habe ich mal wieder ein bisschen wissenschaftlich gearbeitet, und dafür den kons-BibTeX-Style für die Bibliographie benutzt. Ein Eintragtyp hat gefehlt, nämlich für reine Internetquellen. Ich habe einen passenden Typ ergänzt (@www). Die Internetadresse gehört in howpublished, das Abrufdatum in year.

Version 0.2 ist ab jetzt online. Vielleicht braucht’s ja jemand :-)

vsmlist 0.1.1 out now

I just uploaded the new version of vsmlist, the very simple mailing list.

I added support for multiple recipients in both To and Cc. Multiple mailing lists can be addressed with the same email now, along with other addressees. Also, I added storing the Message-IDs of already-processed emails, so that one email will be only processed once. This became necessary, as the mail server will deliver an email containing two mailing list addresses twice, three addresses three times and so on. With vsmlist now processing all To and Cc addresses, such an email would be delivered multiple times to each list without skipping the additonal copies.

Additionally, the directory containing the mailing list config files and probably maildirs for the mailing lists can be configured now.

Have a lot of fun with vsmlist :-)

Virtual users for vsftpd

I played around with my server recently. Among other things, I set up my vsftpd installation to use virtual users. I use Gentoo Linux, but I think the way I did it will also work with any other Linux distribution.

I added the entry Virtual users for vsftpd to my Linux Know How and also released a small program called userdbadm I wrote to manage the PAM userdb I needed to get it all to work.

Perhaps, somebody needs this :-)