Blog: Einträge 30.12.2010–12.01.2012


Ja, diese Seite gibt es noch. Ja, b8 wird auch nach wie vor weiterentwickelt – es gab nur schon lang keine Fehlermeldung mehr ;-) Und ja: alle heilige Zeit schreibe ich hier mal was. So beispielsweise den Neuzugang im Linux-Know-How: Wie baue ich mir einen Barcodescanner mit einer alten Webcam?

b8 0.5.2 out now

I just uploaded a new bugfix release for b8. The destructor of the MySQL storage backend always disconnected the MySQL connection, even if an existing link-resource was passed to b8. Release 0.5.2 fixes this. Now, the MySQL connection is only disconnected if b8 created the resource itself. Thanks to Gerhard Waldemair for the bug report!

Everyone can safely update to the new version. It's not necessary if you didn't have any problems with the MySQL backend or use the Berkeley DB backend. Only b8/storage/storage_mysql.php has been changed.

Updated: serienbrief 0.2.2-r1

I just released a little update for serienbrief. It only adds a README file with build and dependency information for users using a distribution without an official serienbrief package (perhaps each and every distribution except Gentoo Linux). Therefore, no new version number, just an -r1 added.
Nobody has to update to this version if 0.2.2 is being installed, as this really only is a documentation update.

Out now: b8 0.5.1

I just uploaded the brand new release 0.5.1 of my PHP spam filter b8. It's mostly a bugfix release. Here are the bugfixes:

Additionally, some code cleanup and changes have been done:

Everybody should update to the new version. No changes to the configuration should be necessary if you used version 0.5 or 0.5-r1, just fill in the new code to your b8 directory :-)