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vsmlist 0.3.0 released

[15.10.2021] I'm happy to be able to announce the new release 0.3.0 of vsmlist, the very simple mailing list! The last release of vsmlist dates back to 2015. Quite a lot has changed since if you want to run a mail server, cf. Mail servers nowadays and vsmlist. Most notably, vsmlist now deals with SPF, … Zum Text

Mail servers nowadays and vsmlist

[13.10.2021] Running an own mail server is a hard task Back in the days I started playing around with mail servers, it was an easy and peaceful life. Either, you had a static IP address, or you used a relay host – and you were done and could send emails. This was also the time I started writing vsmlist, as… Zum Text

gpx2svg 0.2.0 released

[05.09.2021] After quite some time, a few things changed, so let's do another release of of gpx2svg, the program to convert GPX to SVG. So what's new? gpx2svg now supports true-scale conversion using a WGS84 projection (see the --help output on how to use it). Big thanks to Hans Busch for contributing … Zum Text

Own homepage for KGeoTag

[29.08.2021] As of now, KGeoTag, the stand-alone, KDE-based photo geotagging program, has it's own homepage at Big thanks to the KDE project, esp. the Sysadmin Ben Cooksley, for setting this up and making it possible! This is now the right place for information about the project an… Zum Text

Setting up WKD with lighttpd

[28.08.2021] Web Key Directory is an approach for simple distribution of public PGP keys. The idea is that a mail client checks for a needed key automatically and the user can simply encrypt a mail, without further interaction (no searching on a keyserver or manual downloading and importing into GnuPG). The… Zum Text