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KGeoTag 1.0.0 out now

[06.03.2021] Just to also announce this somewhere in a weblog (as KGeoTag currently lacks a "real" homepage other than the GitLab one): Some days ago, I did the first official release of KGeoTag, the new KDE/Linux geotagging program! The original release announcement was posted on KGeoTag's mailing list, th… Zum Text

KGeoTag 1.0 coming soon

[26.01.2021] This isn't just something about a new release of some software. This is a milestone in my personal "FLOSS carrer". KGeoTag, a photo geotagging program based on KDE and Qt technology, is the very first program I wrote that will be an official part of the KDE SC, thus potentially finding it's way i… Zum Text überarbeitet

[17.12.2020] Nach gut 15 Jahren habe ich es – ob man’s glaubt oder nicht – tatsächlich geschafft, zu überarbeiten. Gut, die Seite sieht im Großen und Ganzen noch fast genauso aus wie vorher, aber die Internas erstrahlen in neuem Glanz. Da der ganze Web-2.0-Kram eh bloß sinnlose Kommentare und zu… Zum Text

Howto: Virtual users for vsftpd

[29.03.2020] I recently noticed that this howto was gone due to the "Linux Know How" section being removed some time ago. This one is actually useful though, thus I re-add it as a blog post now. Virtual users (users with no real account on the system) can be easily set up for vsftpd. We will use PAM's … Zum Text

b8 0.7 out now

[18.03.2020] My oldest still maintained project b8, the statistical PHP spam filter, got an overall code refactoring and modernization. After all the years, this really was necessary! Here's what has been changed, as to find in Update from prior versions in the readme: Overall code rework The… Zum Text