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Calculating the difference between two QDates

[25.08.2019] I wanted to calculate the difference between two QDates. Not only the days, but also the years, months, and weeks (for use in KPhotoAlbum). I ended up using the following algorithm: struct DateDifference { int years; int months; int days; }; DateDifference Utilities::dateDifference(const QDate … Zum Text

iBlue 747A+ delivers wrong date

[25.08.2019] Back from our vacation in the Bavarian Forest, I noticed that my long-serving and really reliable iBlue 747A+ GPS logger apparently stopped working: it delivered tracks with a date around year 2000. Investigating this further, I found that the time appeared to be okay, but the date was completely … Zum Text

Levenshtein Distance and Longest Common Subsequence in Qt

[02.05.2019] In case anybody needs to calculate the Levenshtein Distance or the Longest Common Subsequence of two QStrings, here's some code I wrote/found/adapted after quite some investigation. This Levenshtein Distance function seems to be quite nicely optimized to me (an amateur programmer), as it does not … Zum Text

b8 0.6.2 out now

[08.02.2019] Believe it or not: My statistical ("Bayesian") spam filter b8 has a new release! The last one dates back to 2014, but the reason was not that it wasn't developed anymore, but that there simply were no bugs or wishes since ;-) Apart from some code formatting and cleanup, the only thing changed is … Zum Text

gpx2svg 0.1.5 released

[23.07.2018] Quite some time has passed since the last release of gpx2svg, the program to convert GPX to SVG, but thanks to Emiel Brommer, there's a new release now. The problem was that some GPS devices create a lot of segments that don't overlap by their first and last point. Thus, the default segment … Zum Text © 2005–2020 Tobias Leupold | Impressum | Datenschutz