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Howto: Virtual users for vsftpd

[29.03.2020] I recently noticed that this howto was gone due to the "Linux Know How" section being removed some time ago. This one is actually useful though, thus I re-add it as a blog post now. Virtual users (users with no real account on the system) can be easily set up for vsftpd. We will use PAM's … Zum Text

b8 0.7 out now

[18.03.2020] My oldest still maintained project b8, the statistical PHP spam filter, got an overall code refactoring and modernization. After all the years, this really was necessary! Here's what has been changed, as to find in Update from prior versions in the readme: Overall code rework The code has been … Zum Text

Calculating the difference between two QDates

[25.08.2019] I wanted to calculate the difference between two QDates. Not only the days, but also the years, months, and weeks (for use in KPhotoAlbum). I ended up using the following algorithm: struct DateDifference { int years; int months; int days; }; DateDifference Utilities::dateDifference(const QDate … Zum Text

iBlue 747A+ delivers wrong date

[25.08.2019] Back from our vacation in the Bavarian Forest, I noticed that my long-serving and really reliable iBlue 747A+ GPS logger apparently stopped working: it delivered tracks with a date around year 2000. Investigating this further, I found that the time appeared to be okay, but the date was completely … Zum Text

Levenshtein Distance and Longest Common Subsequence in Qt

[02.05.2019] In case anybody needs to calculate the Levenshtein Distance or the Longest Common Subsequence of two QStrings, here's some code I wrote/found/adapted after quite some investigation. This Levenshtein Distance function seems to be quite nicely optimized to me (an amateur programmer), as it does not … Zum Text © 2005–2020 Tobias Leupold | Impressum | Datenschutz