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vsmlist is the very simple mailing list. It has been written to manage small mailing lists for everybody who wants to "just" setup a mailing list for e. g. a club without having to mess around with all the overhead of e. g. Mailman, Majordomo or Sympa.

The list management is done in simple and editable text files. vsmlist won't scale very good with a large number of subscribers, so if you want to manage thousands of email addresses, have a look at it's big brothers.

vsmlist is written in Python 3 and just uses the standard library without further dependencies (with bind-tools' dig being used to check DMARC policies if found, so the bind-tools are a soft dependency). That means you just have to have Python 3 itself installed to be able to use it (although having the bind-tools installed is a good idea). It's just one single file. No compiling has to be done, but you have to do some setup on your mail server.

Using vsmlist

When all configuration is done, vsmlist can be used by simply sending emails to the mailing list's address.

For example, you could send an (empty) email to mailinglist+subscribe@server to subscribe the mailing list mailinglist@server. vsmlist will add the sender to the respective mailing list's config file. After that, you can simply send an email to mailinglist@server and it will be distributed to all subscribers of that list. By default, vsmlist will also archive the email in a local maildir.

Very simple, isn't it? :-)

See vsmlist (1) for how to install and setup vsmlist.

Getting involved

The code is managed using Git and can be found on GitLab at


Current release: vsmlist-0.3.0.tar.xz
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Past releases

vsmlist-0.2.tar.gz | 16.5 KB | 2015-01-05
vsmlist-0.1.2.tar.gz | 15.5 KB | 2013-09-28
vsmlist-0.1.1.tar.gz | 16.7 KB | 2013-03-19
vsmlist-0.1.tar.gz | 15.1 KB | 2012-09-16