Blog: Einträge 16.09.2012–20.02.2013

Virtual users for vsftpd

I played around with my server recently. Among other things, I set up my vsftpd installation to use virtual users. I use Gentoo Linux, but I think the way I did it will also work with any other Linux distribution.

I added the entry Virtual users for vsftpd to my Linux Know How and also released a small program called userdbadm I wrote to manage the PAM userdb I needed to get it all to work.

Perhaps, somebody needs this :-)

Out now: serienbrief 0.2.4

I just uploaded the new bugfix release 0.2.4 of serienbrief, the LaTeX form letter generator.

There have been problems with complex documents, probably caused by colliding aux files. This has been fixed by using different temp files for each form letter.

Additionally, the command line option --repeat has been introduced so that LaTeX can be called multiple times to e. g. get cross-references right.

Out now: b8 0.6

I just uploaded the new major release of my statistical ("Bayesian") PHP spam filter b8. A lot of work has been done and there are a lot of changes. If you experience any problem with the database update or any bug in general, please contact me!

From the ChangeLog, with comments:



Have a lot of fun with b8 :-)

Out now: vsmlist 0.1

I wanted to setup a small and easy mailing list for the music group of the local choir society, the Gesangverein 1860 Konradsreuth. First, I messed around with Mailman, but I wanted something much simpler.

Well, I didn't find any program that matched my needs. So I wrote my own: the very simple mailing list. After some weeks of initial testing and bugfixing, it does it's job now. So it's time to do a release and call it 0.1 :-)

Perhaps, somebody out there also looks for such a small mailing list solution that is only email-controlled without a web interface or the features of a fully-blown mailing list. If so: have a lot of fun :-)