Blog: Einträge 24.08.2014–05.01.2015

vsmlist 0.2 out now

The new version of vsmlist, the very simple mailing list, is out now.

From the ChangeLog:

Using named variable references in the text patterns requires the config files to be updated. Please have a look at the new default ini file to see how the new format works.

gpx2svg 0.1.4

I just uploaded the new release of gpx2svg, the GPX to SVG converter. There's only one change, but it should increase speed and lower memory consumption a lot: when the drawing instructions for a segment are created, we don't assemble one probably huge single string containing it, but use a generator function instead.

That's all, Folks ;-)

gpx2svg 0.1.3

I just uploaded the new release 0.1.3 of gpx2svg. It's only a bugfix release. Here are the changes:

serienbrief 0.2.5

Been a long time since the last release (back in 2012!). So it was about time: I just uploaded the new version of serienbrief, the LaTeX form letter creator. From the ChangeLog:

New feature (it's only one ;-):


Thanks to Thorsten Grothe for bug reporting and beta testing!

Have a lot of fun with it!