userdbadm is a Perl program for managing a userdb database with user names and crypted passwords, as used e. g. by PAM's pam_userdb module. You will need such a database for example if you want to create virtual users for vsftpd.

With userdbadm, such a list can be easily maintained. It takes the database's file name as the first command line argument, then a command (one of list, add, edit and del):

List all users in the database
add <user>
Adds <user> to the database. You will prompted for a password.
edit <user>
The the password for <user>. You will prompted for a password.
del <user>
Removes <user> from the database.

That's it :-) But I think this is much more comfortable than any other script I found to handle a userdb.

If you're interested in how I managed to setup vsftpd with virtual users: I wrote a small Howto describing what steps are necessary for this.

Getting involved

The code is managed using Git and can be found on GitLab at


Current release: userdbadm-0.1.tar.gz
1.6 KB, released: 2013-02-20