b8 development goes on

It's been a while since the last release of my Bayesian PHP spam filter b8. But a lot has been done in the meantine.

The next b8 release (0.5) will be a major one with major changes. Oliver Lillie sent me a basic PHP 5 port of b8, I used his code as the base for b8 0.5. Almost all parts have been completely rewritten, only the math remains untouched. The most significant changes are:

Everybody is invited to check out the current Subversion trunk of b8 and test it. It should work fine. At the moment, there's no SQLite backend available, but I'll inform Laurent Goussard of the upcoming release, perhaps, he will port his 0.4.4 backend to b8 0.5.

I'll announce the new release here; if anybody finds bugs or has an idea of how to make b8 better: feel free to send me an E-Mail.