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Perl program for creating form letters written in LaTeX in an easy way. A database file is needed, which contains one data set in each line, separated by tabs. The first line defines the name of the column. serienbrief needs the LaTeX source file and the data set file as arguments, other options can also be passed via command line (see serienbrief (1) or serienbrief --help).
By default, pdfLaTeX is used to create one pdf document per data set. These files are by default stored in the directory serienbrief. All "form letter fields" in the LaTeX file are replaced with the particular data. A form letter field is by default marked by **, so **name** would be parsed. Other delimiters can also be specified, but you must not use strings that are handeled by LaTeX itself such as _ or \. The same of course for the column names.

Since July 25 in 2006, serienbrief is a part of the official Portage Tree of Gentoo Linux (category dev-tex).

Getting involved

The code is managed using Git and can be found on GitLab at https://gitlab.com/l3u/serienbrief.


Latest Version

16.9 KB, Last Change: 2014-08-24

Older versions

serienbrief-0.2.4.tar.gz | 16.3 KB | 2012-12-29
serienbrief-0.2.3.tar.gz | 15.0 KB | 2012-05-22
serienbrief-0.2.2-r1.tar.gz | 14.7 KB | 2011-04-15
serienbrief-0.2.2.tar.gz | 14.3 KB | 2010-06-01
serienbrief-0.2.1.tar.gz | 13.9 KB | 2008-09-23
serienbrief-0.2.tar.gz | 13.5 KB | 2008-09-19
serienbrief-0.1.1.tar.gz | 9.3 KB | 2008-09-19
serienbrief-0.1.tar.gz | 9.1 KB | 2008-09-19
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