Finally: b8 0.5! And b8 0.4.5 :-)

All the development that passed since the last release of b8 has already been described in b8 development goes on, so I just confine to announce the immediate availability of the brand new release of the PHP spam filter b8.

Additionally, some functionality of b8 0.5 has been back-ported to the 0.4 branch of b8 (cf. the above weblog entry). The sources of the new 0.4.5 release (and all other older b8 sources from the first version of the filter called "b8") are located in branch_0.4.x.

Have a lot of fun with b8 :-) And please inform me if there are any issues, esp. with the new PHP-5-only trunk. I think there will be some, as all this included really major changes.