smscleaner 0.2 out now

Why not make another release? ;-)

The new release of smscleaner (version 0.2) is out now!

The main change is that version 0.2 really uses XML to store deleted SMS. Version 0.1 produced something looking like XML, but it wasn't ;-) Now, the smscleaner XML format has it's own Document Type Definition (also provided here, so that an XML validator like Validome really can check a smscleaner XML file against it's DTD).
Additionally, command line parameters were introduced and the code was tidied up a bit. See the ChangeLog file for all updates.

The new ebuild for Gentoo Linux is also ready, so have fun using the new version :-)
If you used smscleaner before and have old pseudo-XML files, you can use a tool shipped with the new version to fix them and make them real XML. See the README file for details.