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gpx2svg 0.1.3

[05.09.2014] I just uploaded the new release 0.1.3 of gpx2svg. It's only a bugfix release. Here are the changes: Changed the shebang line so that gpx2svg now also runs on Mac. Changed the use of the literal /dev/stdin and /dev/stdout to sys.stdin and sys.stdout. Hopefully, gpx2svg will now also work on Windows … Zum Text

serienbrief 0.2.5

[24.08.2014] Been a long time since the last release (back in 2012!). So it was about time: I just uploaded the new version of serienbrief, the LaTeX form letter creator. From the ChangeLog: New feature (it's only one ;-): Added the possibility to define custom output file names via the newly introduced … Zum Text

Out now: muckturnier 0.5

[03.08.2014] muckturnier, das Programm zum Auswerten eines Muckturniers, ist groß geworden. Deswegen wurde eine komplette Neufassung nötig, die nicht eine Zeile Code der bisherigen Versionen enthält: Version 0.5. So weit die Fakten. Das wie und warum ist eine etwas längere Geschichte. Wen’s interessiert: … Zum Text

QString::simplified() in Python

[03.08.2014] Just in case anybody searches for a Python pendant of QString::simplified(): This is surprisingly easy to do: def simplify(string): return ' '.join(string.strip().split()) If one wants to subclass a Python string and add the above function, this can be done e. g. like so (subclassing a string is a … Zum Text

b8 0.6.1

[12.03.2014] I just uploaded the new release 0.6.1 of the PHP spam filter b8. From the ChangeLog: Fixed the theoretical possibility for an SQL injection. Thanks to Dirk Stolle for the bug report! Added a backend for PostgreSQL, written by Tom Regner Added a MySQL backend using the new mysqli_* functions instead … Zum Text


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