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I thought, some of the little scripts I use could be useful for other people as well. Perhaps, someone may want to use them, perhaps for inspiration; at least: have fun :-)



Renames photos in a directory. Creates file names with the scheme [number]_[year]-[month]-[day]_[hour]-[minute]. Uses exiftime from the exiftags package to read the date from the image's EXIF header. Creates a new directory with copies of the photos. Nothing will be overwritten.

Download: date_rename-0.1.gz (0,7 KB, Letzte Änderung: 15.09.2012)


Saves the trouble to give absolute paths as encfs expexcts them. Example: encfsmount geheim creates, if there's no ./.geheim.enc, ./geheim (if necessary) and ./.geheim.enc and sets up ./.geheim.enc as a new encfs container directory. If there's ./.geheim.enc and no second parameter is given, it is mounted to ./geheim. If one gives a second parameter, the first is the container directory and the second is the mountpoint.
For informations about encfs see the encfs homepage.

Download: encfsmount-0.1.3.gz (1,3 KB, Letzte Änderung: 12.06.2010)
Ältere Versionen: [0.1.2] (0,4 KB) [0.1.1] (0,4 KB) [0.1] (0,4 KB)


The installkernel script I use. Since version 0.2, it is intended to be called from /usr/src/linux/make install (put it in e. g. /root/bin/ for this). Installs a kernel to /boot, links it to /boot/vmlinuz, makes backups if something's overwritten and copys the configuration to /boot as well. Names the files after the kernel version, e. g. vmlinuz- and config-

Download: installkernel-0.2.gz (0,4 KB, Letzte Änderung: 19.09.2008)
Ältere Versionen: [0.1.2] (0,5 KB) [0.1.1] (0,5 KB)


log_uptime is an uptime logger for linux (surprise! ;-) It will log the current uptime each time when it's invoked. If the system has been shut down between two runs, log_uptime will detect that and log it accordingly. The package also contains a log parser printing the log in a human-readable format and making statistics.
Caution: in version 0.2, the log format has changed. See README for details.

Download: log_uptime-0.2.3.tar.gz (9,8 KB, Letzte Änderung: 05.10.2014)
Ältere Versionen: [0.2.2] (3,2 KB) [0.2.1] (3 KB) [0.2] (2,9 KB) [0.1.1] (3,2 KB) [0.1] (3,2 KB)

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