I just uploaded a bugfix release of my Bayesian PHP spam filter b8. version 0.4.2 fixes a problem that occured when a database was emptied using the interface and no backup was recovered afterwards but the database was simply re-filled with new data. Thanks to Robert Utnehmer for the bug report :-)

The more important update was done to the documentation. The configuration files of b8 are plain text files that will normally be sent by the web server as-is if they are requested via HTTP. For this reason, one could, in case e. g. MySQL is used as b8's storage backend and no shared connection is used, read user names and passwords in clear text if one knows the URL of the configuration file.
As a consequence (and of course also because of the administation interface if used) I strongly recommend to protect the whole directory of b8 via .htaccess to prevent unauthorized access.

This is now mentionned in the documentation.

Have a lot of fun using b8 :-)